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Here at lightning bug cosmetics  I offer all hand mixed and cruelty free beauty products with an equal amount of love and devotion poured into every item.

                                                                              "She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten"

Doobie Wax Lip Gloss


Doobie Wax Face Oil


Doobie Wax LIp Balm




Doobie Wax cbd and grapeseed infused lip gloss

* Beside leaving your lips smooth and shiny without getting them greasy, a quality cbd lip balm/gloss can also alleviate pain and inflammation  associated  with dry,flaky, and cracked lips.

Doobie Wax Face oil

Did you know the skin benefits of cbd and grapeseed oil? The list goes on.

It also works great on hair,body,and nails!


"Doobie Wax face oil also doubles as a great hair polish! I cant wait to order more"

Dijon Dhanoolal


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